We fill your prescriptions by phone or in person.

Prescriptions Your prescription, right. Every time.

At Medicine Chest Guardian Drugs, your health is our utmost priority and our services are geared towards improving your health. In-store we can offer you access to professionals who can answer your health questions, immunizations, and even customized medication! If you can’t make it into our store, we also offer community care, group home and long-term care services.

Why should you choose us? Here are just a few reasons.

  • Accuracy First

    It can take time to ensure that you receive the medication you’re supposed to. That’s because every time medication is dispensed, your pharmacist reviews your prescription, collaborates with your doctor and insurer if necessary, maintains your personal medication profile and verifies that your medications have been dispensed correctly.

  • Friendly Service

    Guardian Drugs has been a part of the Morinville community for over 30 years. Our staff are always happy to serve and provide our advice when needed.

  • Technology

    Investing in the leading edge of pharmacy robotics allows Guardian Drugs Medicine Chest to serve patients faster with fewer errors.

  • Knowledgable Staff

    The field of pharmacy is always changing. Pharmacy professionals have to stay current with the newest research and technology. Our pharmacists meet this demand through continuing education courses.

  • Quick Refills

    Time is precious and Guardian Drugs understands that. Investing in the newest systems and technologies available allows our pharmacy to reduce your wait time where possible.

  • Phone In Prescriptions

    Call us anytime – whether it’s during business hours or after (leave us a message!) – Guardian Drugs is always happy to assist you with your prescription requests.